The Future Homes Building Process

Over the past 40 years, Future Homes has streamlined the building process and enhanced the building experience for our homebuyers, providing them with a greater level of satisfaction with their new home. We know that buying a new home can be a stressful experience as there is a lot to consider. We want to make buying a new home as easy as possible and we want you to feel confident about the work we are doing and the selections you have made for your new home.


In an effort to make the best use of your time, and to move through the selections process quickly and confidently, Future Homes has incorporated a selections center in our office. We do not overburden you with too many choices and upgrades and you will find that our homes are already loaded with extras and special touches. The variety of selections we offer fits the most discriminating buyer’s choice of style, color, and function. Our on-site selections coordinator, Kimberly Davis, will help to guide you through the choices you will need to make for your home. We have samples in house so they can be placed together to help visualize how well one choice works with the other.


We want you to be confident with the choices you make and we are here to help guide you through this process efficiently.


Upon the purchase of your new home, Kimberly will contact you to review the remaining selections available for your new home or if building from scratch, to set up your first consultation.