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We really appreciate the partnership and guidance from you and your team all along the way - it is clear that everyone truly cares about the quality of the work and our experience. You have certainly set the bar high should we decide to build again in the (distant) future! The attention to detail continues to impress us.

Casey & Mike Homeowner


We are so excited about our new home. I also wanted to say what an amazing team you have. This is the 7th home I’ve purchased and by far the best experience with the builders team!!

Thanks again!

Courtenay / Homeowner


I just walked through the home and had tears in my eyes. It is the most stunning, most incredible thing I have ever seen! ... Words just can't express. It is truly a dream come true for us.

Heather / Homeowner


“Your tradesmen! We consider each of them friends... and their work is impressive - their attitudes accompanied their skills where they always had a smile on their face as they worked on our home.”

Richard & Lindsay / Homeowner


“After living in our new home for a full month we're more than happy with the quality and craftsmanship. We had a great experience customizing our home and were very happy with all the options available.”

Jon & Kirsten / Homeowner


“I must say your staff is outstanding and professional. You should be proud of them all; excellent service and attention to detail and follow up.”
Thank you.

Andy / Homeowner


“Thank you so much for all you have done for us with our house. You have been wonderful to work with & have made building a house painless. All your attention to detail & perfection in all you do is reflected in our beautiful perfect house. We truly cannot thank you enough”

The Hales / Homeowner


“First and foremost, thank you! Really, from the bottom of our hearts. This is our dream home. We feel entirely blessed that not only do we have this gorgeous home, but the whole process was smooth. I can't forget to mention quality..what can we say, we think we have the best built home in the neighborhood. :) We saw all sorts of areas where you did a little something extra from the other homes. We heard your contractors speaking so highly of you. That means a lot.

Your entire team, James, Kathy, Kimberly, Matt...they were amazing! Everyone in your group not only were friendly, but they always extended themselves to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. So, thank you. ”

Jennifer & Mike / Homeowner

“We are extremely pleased with how well things worked out with our move and the level of quality your folks were able to keep while compressing your schedule that much. It was a pleasure to work with you and your office staff. I cant say enough about both Kimberly and James, these folks are very valuable assets to have in your organization. Their seasoned abilties are noticable in the end product.”

Whit and Amy / Homeowner


“We have really enjoyed our new home. We could highly recommend Future Homes to anyone who is looking for a well-made, beautiful house. You, Kimberly, James and Larry were terrific to work with.  Thanks for all that your team did to help us get located in Raleigh!”

Blaine and Joy / Homeowner

“My wife and I are very happy with our new home. Quality, fit and finish, and the professionalism of your team have all been quite refreshing.”

Mike H. / Homeowner


"Our home IS beautiful. We are so content and pleased. Chris and I have moved quite often due to his work commitments. We have even had the opportunity to build once before. That being said, all of our homes except one have been new construction. We have certainly had the experience of multiple homes and multiple builders. BY FAR, your approach to home building is exceptional. James was great to work with and impressed us with his expansive knowledge along with his remarkable skill set. (It's nice to talk with a superintendent who actually KNOWS the process of building along with instructing other to do it...not to mention James constantly valued us as customers and provided exceptional service). Kimberly was extremely helpful and patient with us. Building a home is an enormous undertaking and it is apparent why Future Homes is continuing to build homes. (especially during these times) Thank you for building a notable and distinctive home for our family!"

Cami and Chris / Homeowner

“My friends warned me that it is very hard to deal with builders after the closing and moving in. However, I do NOT see it with your company, Future Homes. I am very satisfied with the service I got and I will spread the good words about Future Homes for sure.”  

With all the best, - Jianying / Homeowner


“I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of my home and would like to congratulate your team for a job well done. I moved to Raleigh from Maryland and can tell you that no home in Maryland is constructed with the quality of the homes built by Future Homes.”  

BH / Homeowner

“Future Homes, was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend you and your services to anyone.” “We were continually impressed with your attention to detail”

Tom and Dawn / Homeowner

"It's a beautiful home and we would recommend you to anyone not only for the wonderful homes you build but also for the excellent follow-up service after moving in."


Sincerely, Karen and Bill / Homeowner

"Debbie and I would like you to know how pleased we are with our new home. We've been very impressed by the workmanship, attention to detail, and quality throughout. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!"

Sincerely, Rob / Homeowner

“Details and seeing things through to completion are important to me and these are obviously things that are important to Future Homes as well.”

Ron / Homeowner

“Prior to purchasing our home, the very well qualified and experienced gentleman who conducted our inspection noted that ours was one of the most expertly built homes he’d ever inspected.” “We have recommended Future Homes to friends in the market for a new home, and will continue to do so.”

David / Homeowner


"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work you recently did on our house. Your staff was professional, courteous and pleasant to deal with. The support you have shown demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction, and that you stand behind your product. You were recommended to us by a satisfied homeowner. We have and will continue to recommend Future Homes to others as we have nothing but the highest regard for your company."

Sincerely, Deena and Barry / Homeowner


“With this being the third home with the Thompson family, I continue to hold in highest regard not only the homes you build, but more importantly, the manner in which you do business.”

Ray and Barbara / Homeowner

“People ask us all the time, “How’s the house coming?’ assuming they are going to hear another sob story about weather, delays, etc., I am so proud and excited to tell them about your crew and the job they are doing.” R. Hunter Grove, Jr.

Hunter / Homeowner


"Just a personal comment to say that it is so refreshing to encounter a business owner who is so organized and attentive to customer needs, even after the sale. This week in my communication with you, I am again impressed by your commitment to quality and service"

Sincerely, Pam / Homeowner

“Jim, we are very happy with our home, and recommend Future Homes to everyone we meet, not just for quality, but also the people.”

Pete and Julie / Homeowner


"Dear Jim,
Our new home is beautiful-thanks to you! We certainly appreciate your willingness and extra help with all our special requests and decisions. Working with y'all was very enjoyable- we can't imagine an easier 'building experience'. Thanks again!"

Bob, Sue, and Leslie / Homeowner


"Pete and I wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with our new home!...
You all have been wonderful to work with. I had heard from so many friends what a headache building a new home is, but you made it easy. We appreciate how every detail in the house was completed with the utmost craftsmanship-and on time. Your mother Gay knew just how to transform my ideas of what a home should be into paint colors, tile and the rest. The Superintendent was nearly always at the site when we visited (and that was a lot!) We have received a tremendous amount of compliments from the visitors to our home. Many have asked who the builder was and we always highly recommend you. Close friends of ours even said 'This is just the house we need. We'll take it!'" Thank you again for building our dream home.

Yours truly, Daria and Peter / Homeowner

“We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for making our “Dream” home such a positive experience. Your company is such a professionally run business.”

Mark and Julie / Homeowner


"I want you to know that you should be very proud of the houses that you are building, the value and quality are outstanding. I visited a co-worker's home in another neighborhood and can truly say that the workmanship and the overall quality is a better value here. You have created a quality community with quality housing."

Elmira / Homeowner


"We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our beautiful new home. We have received numerous compliments on this home and the obvious sound construction and the quality of workmanship and materials. Thanks so much for your commitment to quality and professionalism!"

Sincerely, Heidi and Roscoe / Homeowner


"This note is to thank you and your whole staff for all of your hard work on our house. We have been in the house for six weeks and are very happy with it. Our experience with your company was the exact opposite of the nightmare that we experienced in Austin! Everyone at the office worked very hard to provide us a great house and they made the building experience an enjoyable one. We cannot express our appreciation enough for this."

Sincerely, David and Laura / Homeowner


“Debbie and I would like you to know how pleased we are with our new home. We’ve been very impressed by the workmanship, attention to detail, and quality throughout.”

Robert / Homeowner

"We have now lived in the home for slightly over one year and have completed the punch list process. The purpose of this letter is to advise you of how highly satisfied we are with our new home. We are very pleased with our choice of a Future Homes product.

You are fortunate to have such professional and courteous people representing your company. From the negotiations for the purchase price of the house through the closing process and the punch list, you were a pleasure to work with. Undoubtedly, Future Homes has many satisfied customers. Please add our names to the list and feel free to contact us if we can provide a recommendation regarding the exemplary business practices employed by your company."

Yours Truly, Edwin and Mildred / Homeowner


"This is our third new home and this is by far the shortest warranty list I have ever put together. The quality of craftsmanship in this home is very evident from the cabinets and flooring to the innovative floor plan. We really do enjoy our Future Home and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone interested in having a home built."

Sincerely, Stephen / Homeowner


"We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new house. We just love it! We're so glad we followed most, if not all, of your initial selections for the house because they've all proven to be just right. Thanks for all the care and beautiful craftsmanship you put into this house and for all of the great service you've given us along the way."

Sincerely, Kris and Remy / Homeowner



I wanted to thank you for giving me and my Team the opportunity to work for you. Your superintendent and assistant were very professional, on top of everything and extremely good to work with. We have truly enjoyed getting to work with you on this sale and are very impressed with the professionalism of your entire organization. It is no wonder you have been so successful. I hope to have many more sales with you in the future.

Your fan and friend,

Linda & Team / Realtor

“Thanks also you for the quality product you build and for the great follow up and service provided by you and your staff”

Marty / Realtor


"I just wanted to let you know who pleased my customers are with their new home. They were extremely grateful how everyone worked together contract to closing to get it done in less than ten business days. Your company builds a high quality home that shows pride of workmanship, so lacking in our market these days. You back up your word with honesty, integrity and follow through. I would not hesitate to bring future buyers to your homes. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Warm regards, Jeanne / Realtor


"In seven years in the real estate business, I've been privileged to show many of your new homes and to sell several of them as resales. It's always a pleasure to work with a product of such fine quality. I feel fortunate to work in a market with outstanding builders like yourself who help me to be successful. I congratulate you both on your long-term accomplishments in the market, and wish you many more years of success."

Cherry / Realtor


It was a pleasure to sell one of your homes. I have lived in one for 21 years and know how well built they are. I am always excited when I learn a property was built by Future Homes.

Betty Ann / Realtor


"I have always, over the past 16 years, been very proud to sell Future Homes and especially to see them resell! Your homes are so well built and the pride of the building team shows even years down the road"

Cherry / Realtor

Thanks so much for getting the house ready in a timely fashion. It really looked great! I would love to work with you again.

Anne / Realtor


“One of the best homes I have ever inspected. The builder and his team did a great job.”

Mike / Home Inspector / Professional


In recognition of quality building practices and exceptional customer satisfaction, RWC is extremely pleased to present to you the enclosed "Distinguished Membership Award". This commemoration is being given as a result of your exemplary building practices, the superior customer service you provide, and as a gesture of our appreciation for your long term tenure with RWC.


Mary / Residential Warranty Corporation / Professional